• Eliminate
    the big bottleneck
    in your EHR.

Why SimpleChart

A survey of over 300 large healthcare organizations revealed
a major bottleneck in their EHR implementations. These issues are unknown to many
senior healthcare managers.

  • Each full-time provider generates an average of 10,000+ pages of inbound EHR documents and faxes per year. Each of these pages must be manually filed and indexed into the EHR.

  • Fifty-percent of organizations experienced delays up to several weeks in the filing of inbound EHR documents and faxes.

  • Two-thirds of organizations said that existing, unreliable processes were leading to missing, mis-categorized and misfiled documents.

By automatically indexing and filing incoming EHR documents and faxes, SimpleChart saves money, increases provider satisfaction, and improves the quality and timeliness of patient care.

Solution highlights:

  • SimpleChart processes 98% of eligible EHR documents automatically.

    SimpleChart recognizes and automatically processes up to 98% of eligible inbound documents. Ineligible documents include those with missing patient IDs and fax spam.

  • Inbound EHR documents are filed in your EHR within 24 hours of receipt.

    SimpleChart recognizes and files inbound documents into your EHR within 24 hours of receipt. Typical manual processing times range from days to weeks.

  • SimpleChart eliminate millions of manual tasks each year.

    Each year, SimpleChart helps you avoid millions of error-prone data entry keystrokes, mouse miles and mouse clicks.

  • SimpleChart and its parent company have worked with over 30,000 healthcare organizations.

    In the past 70 years, TAB has worked with over 30,000 healthcare organizations, providing business-critical services, consulting and productivity solutions.

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