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Estimate Your Savings with SimpleChart

Find out how much you could save each year by letting SimpleChart handle the indexing and filing of daily incoming EHR documents.

Estimated savings are based on typical operating metrics in healthcare organizations employing one hundred or more providers.

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Your estimated savings with SimpleChart:

$ - saved per year.

Key metrics: Conservative assumptions Typical scenario
Number of documents processed
Number of images processed
Indexing costs (current state) $ $
SimpleChart indexing fees (new state) - $ - $
Yearly savings $ $

Contact us for a more comprehensive and detailed assessment of your potential savings, including additional savings in the form of misfile reductions and accessibility improvements!

Assumptions: These estimates are based on actual SimpleChart client results observed over several years. The number of images processed is based on an assumed 8,000-10,000 inbound images per provider, at 2.5 pages per document. Current indexing costs have been known to range between $0.325 and $0.425 per image, for labor, management, training, space and supplies.