• Simple and effective.

How SimpleChart Works

Simply batch all inbound faxes, electronic documents and scanned paper documents into a designated network folder and SimpleChart takes it from there, automatically processing up to 98% of eligible EHR documents.


Automatically recognizes each document
Captures key information such as patient name and date of birth for matching with your master patient index
Uploads the document to the appropriate chart document types
Sends critical documents and exceptions to special provider folders for review


… all within 24 hours of receipt.

With SimpleChart, you can “auto-file” documents into all major EHR / HIM systems, including Allscripts, Epic Systems, NextGen, Cerner and GE Healthcare.

SimpleChart in Seven Questions

1. What is SimpleChart?

SimpleChart is an outsourced service that automates the process of filing EHR patient chart documents and faxes received from inside and outside sources. There is nothing to install and no IT resources are required.

2. How does SimpleChart work?

Simply batch all inbound faxes, electronic documents and scanned paper documents into a designated network folder. SimpleChart’s document recognition engine automatically recognizes and identifies each document and files it quickly and accurately into your EHR system.

3. How long does it take to set up SimpleChart?

It takes six to twelve weeks for the initial set up and trial of SimpleChart. By the end of the trial period, SimpleChart is already filing over 95% of inbound EHR documents automatically.

4. How quickly are documents loaded into the EHR?

Once a document is scanned or copied into the designated network folder, SimpleChart is able to read it and file it into the EHR within 24 hours of receipt.

5. What percentage of documents are processed automatically by SimpleChart?

Once SimpleChart is up and running, it typically files 95-98% of all processed documents automatically. There are several common reasons why the remaining 2-5% are not automatically filed:
  • the document in question is not actually a patient chart document
  • the document requires review by a healthcare provider before it can be filed
  • the patient name or number on the document does not exist in the Master Patient Index database.

6. How accurate is SimpleChart?

SimpleChart delivers accuracy of 99.98% or better for the following automated tasks:
  • correctly identifying the document type and patient demographics
  • filing the document within the correct patient chart
  • filing the document within the correct document type.

7. How is SimpleChart priced?

After the initial trial period (6-12 weeks), SimpleChart is a 100 percent pay-as-you-go service, with no overhead or maintenance fees. Monthly fees consist of a flat-rate fee for every image processed by SimpleChart.