SimpleChart is an outsourced service that automates
the indexing and filing of EHR chart documents and faxes.
With SimpleChart, you can “autofile” documents into all major
EHR / HIM systems, including Allscripts, NextGen, Cerner,
Epic Systems, and GE Healthcare.

Why SimpleChart

By eliminating a major EHR bottleneck, SimpleChart saves money,increases provider satisfaction, and improves the quality and timeliness of patient care.Six reasons to make the move to SimpleChart:

  • 1. SimpleChart is faster than manual EHR filing, reducing processing times from days and weeks to under 24 hours.

  • 2. SimpleChart is more accurate than manual EHR document filing. It eliminates many error-prone data-entry and auditing tasks.

  • 3. SimpleChart saves money by eliminating up to 98% of the manual work involved with manual indexing and filing.

  • 4. As an outsourced service, SimpleChart scales very quickly and allows you to easily adapt to changing business needs.

  • 5. SimpleChart helps you improve patient service levels by getting patient data where it needs to go — quickly and accurately.

  • 6. SimpleChart increases provider satisfaction, allowing them to focus on patient care, rather than tracking down missing or delayed information.

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How SimpleChart Works

SimpleChart couldn’t be easier.Simply batch all inbound EHR documents and faxes into your document basket and SimpleCharttakes it from there, automatically processing up to 98% of eligible EHR documents.It is a simple, 3-step process:

  • Step 1: Scan paper EHR documents received from outside sources. Route incoming electronic faxes directly into SimpleChart.

  • Step 2: SimpleChart recognizes incoming documents by document type and files them automatically into your EHR, appending important metadata.

  • Step 3: Review any documents flagged for manual review - typically just 2% of the total!

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Client Successes

  • 98 % reduction in combined scanning and filing labor costs.

    Large Regional Healthcare Organization I
  • 83 % reduction in scanning and filing labor costs.

    Washington University School of Medicine
  • 73% reduction in filing and indexing labor costs.

    Large Regional Healthcare Organization II
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